Bring Nature Inside With This Fantastic DIY Tree Branch Coat Rack

I like bringing the outdoors indoors.  I have a brown thumb so anything living will not make it in my house.  This DIY tree branch coat rack is perfect.  You can paint the branches or leave them in their natural state.  I’m leaning toward metallic, pewter maybe.  Thanks to Garden Therapy for this lively project.

Branch Coat Rack Tutorial

This inexpensive and easy weekend project shows you how to create a stylish coat rack with just some branches, paint, and a few tools.

  • Branches with strong sections of wood that are no smaller than ¾” in diameter
  • Bypass pruners / pruning saw
  • Cedar plank or other raw, natural wood
  • Drill / screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • White latex paint

1. Using the saw of bypass pruners, cut sections of branches that:

a) have a nice shape to make a hook

b) are thick enough in diameter and strong enough to hold coats, etc when mounted

c) have a straight, flat back to lie against the cedar plank when mounted

2. Lay your branches out on your board to get the pattern and look that you like.  If wood is green, then it must dry before you use it.  Place in a warm, dry room until the wood turns brown.Branch-Hooks-tutorial-drilling-pilot-holes-Small

Images from Garden Therapy.

For full instructions visit Garden Therapy.

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