Build Drawers Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

Could you use more storage space in your kitchen? Maybe for stuff you don’t need that often but still need a place to keep it? There’s one place in every kitchen that is generally wasted space, and that is the space under your bottom cabinets.

empty toe kick space-

Look at your cabinets. They probably have a toe kick under the doors, and when you open the doors you will notice that the bottom shelf is not floor level. That means that the space behind the toe kick, under the bottom shelf, is open, unused space. Why not install drawers to slide in there? It’s not that hard to do and could be accomplished in less than a day.

Look how much stuff you can actually store in those drawers. Cabinets should come with the option for drawers made for that space but since they don’t, you can make them yourself. The Family Handyman has instructions for How to build under-cabinet drawers and increase your kitchen storage.

Image and project source: The Family Handyman

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