Cheat Sheets for Stain Removal

Stains are an unfortunate part of everyone’s life and many of us don’t know how to effectively get common stains out of clothing. Here are four different stain removal cheat sheets to help you. I included all four because even though there is some overlap, each has a solution that the others don’t. Print them out and keep them handy in your laundry area. You will also want to keep the common household products on hand that are used to remove stains. Here’s to cleaner, brighter clothes!

9 Ways to Remove Sweat Stains














These methods use natural ingredients that most people have on hand to get hard-to-remove sweat stains out of clothes.

Image Source: Yumi Sakugawa at WonderHowto

Doing Laundry Clean and Naturally

Doing Laundry clean and naturally













This chart uses natural ingredients as well, but it is geared more toward getting clean clothes for the whole washer.

Source:  OrganizingMadeFun

A very comprehensive stain cheat sheet is available on the next page.

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