Colorful Hubcap Flowers for Your Garden

Ever since I saw these colorful flowers I’ve started watching the roads and roadsides for hubcaps that have been discarded. There’s no need to buy yard decorations when you can make these so easily and cheaply. What a beautiful way to add color, plus they just bring a smile to your face!

Any hubcaps you find will probably be quite dirty and greasy, so you’ll need to use a good grease-cutting soap on them first to get them clean. Bleach can also help to remove any remaining residue. If your hubcap isn’t nice and smooth then you’ll want to sand the rough spots before painting it so that you’ll get a nice smooth finish.

Simply spray paint it in bright colors, adding decorations if you wish. The red hubcap in the photo has tongue depressors painted and glued to it to create the look. Rust-oleum spray paint (gloss protective enamel) was used and it took about half a can for each hubcap.

Hupcap Flowers 2 WD

Reeves from The Weathered Door was very creative when she came up with using hubcaps to make these flowers. Here’s how she attached the leaves and handle:

I first drilled halfway through the stem, then I used a screw to attach a paint stick to the back of the stem. I added the leaf to cover the paint stick. The paint sticks not only helped me to attach the leaves, but also keep the leaves propped up so they don’t look “droopy”.

To attach the leaves I took paint sticks and screwed them into the back of the “stem”, then attached the leaves to the paint stick (the leaves needed the support). Each of my hubcaps had a wire ring around the back, so I stuck the stem between the wire and the hubcap and used duct tape to keep them in place. I know duct tape is not heavy duty, but I knew mine were just going to be outside for the good summer weather, so duct tape has worked. Just be creative and use what you have.

The only hubcap I did that had two colors on it was the orange one. I first sprayed the whole hubcap orange, then took a paper plate, cut a hole it it and places it over each of the “bolts” on the hubcap. Then I just used the blue spray paint. The paper plate protected the rest of the hubcap. The other hubcaps I added pieces like a different colored center just by using things we had around the house.

I’m definitely not passing up any hubcaps from now on and I can’t wait to get started on making my own.

Project and Image Source : The Weathered Door


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