Confetti-Filled Party Balloons

Confetti-filled balloons for any party are super easy to make, but there is one big question that you need to know the answer to, and that is – how do you keep the confetti from just falling into the bottom of the balloon when it is blown up? We’ll answer that for you but first, let’s get your balloons ready.


  • Clear balloons, 36″ is a good size
  • Colored tissue paper OR purchased tissue paper confetti
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. You’ll start with colored tissue paper cut into shapes, whatever size you want. You can buy confetti but be sure it is made of tissue paper. Anything heavier will not “float” in the balloon.
  2. Take your confetti and push bunches of it into the neck of the uninflated balloon. You could use a funnel but honestly, it’s just as easy to do it by hand.
  3. Use a small object like a pencil and push the confetti into the balloon, or blow into the balloon just enough to push the confetti in.
  4. Fill balloon with helium (best) or you can just blow it up.

When filled with helium, after an hour or so static builds up and the confetti will naturally cling to the insides of the balloon wall. If you need it to cling faster than that, or if you don’t use helium and just blow the balloon up, you can rub the balloon around on the carpet or a towel or something that will cause a buildup of static electricity. This will also make the confetti cling all around the inside of the balloon, making it look more festive. This can be repeated as frequently as desired.

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