Cool Metal Industrial Backsplash DIY

Here is a neat way to have a unique backsplash for your kitchen or laundry room.  This DIY project uses sheet metal to get that industrial look.  Whenever working with sheet metal always be sure to wear gloves.  I learned that the hard way.  Thanks to The Quaint Cottage for the cool way to update a backsplash.

Here is my inexpensive metal backsplash for the laundry room.  Does it remind you of something?  Like the inside of your air vents?  It is.

Since I had to raise the base cabinets and add extra top cabinets, it only left about a foot of open backsplash space (normally there is about 18″).  Not enough space to tile or make fancy, but I wanted to do more than just paint.
I came up with the idea of using sheet metal.  They sell these panels for air duct returns in the HVAC row at the hardware store, but I thought they made a perfect backdrop for my little backsplash area.  AND you can use magnets on them 🙂  Bonus!
If you want to use these, remember they are extremely sharp and will cut off your little fingers if you aren’t careful!  Now that I’ve warned you, we can continue.
As I mentioned in the post about the countertops, I have a span of roughly 9′.  These little metal sections say they are 36″ long…HOWEVER, I didn’t measure them which is weird because I measure everything.  I carry one of those key chain measuring tapes so I don’t have to guess.  But the little label above said they were 36″.  They weren’t.  It was more like 34.75″ and that didn’t include the quarter of an inch that slides into the next panel.  So, I had originally bought 3 pieces, but had to run back up to grab a 4th and cut it down to fit the small area at the end.  GRRRRR.  Oh well.
Images from The Quaint Cottage.
For the full instructions visit The Quaint Cottage.

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