Cool Pipe And Rope Curtain Rods DIY

I like this fun industrial DIY pipe and rope curtain rods.  This project takes something ordinary and makes it unique.  It’s a neat way to partially enclose a space to make it more comfortable and private.  Curtains are an easy and fairly inexpensive way to make a change.  Thanks to The Heathered Nest for this lovely idea.

Dreams. We’ve all got them, hopefully, no matter our age. Some dreams, we are lucky enough to see come true. But, sadly, some remain the ever elusive pipe dream. So desired, yet so painfully just. out. of. reach. And we press on till we’re at the end of our rope trying to see that dream become reality. 

Call me your fairy godmother, team because today, I’m going to make some pipe dreams come true. And we’re gonna take that rope you may be at the end of and USE it in a healthy, productive way. I’m gonna wave my magic wand, and by the time “bibbity bobbity boo” comes out, you’ll have your very own DIY industrial-nautical-what-have-you ceiling and/or wall mount curtain rods made of pipe and rope!

PIPE DOWN guys, I know it’s exciting, so I’m gonna TEACH YOU THE ROPES (winking snarky emoji here).

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Images from The Heathered Nest.

For full instructions visit The Heathered Nest.

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