Creative Decorating With Branches

creative decorating with branches- DIYscoop.comWhile visiting a friend the other day I noticed a pile of bare branches lying in a pile in the yard. They had all been trimmed of leaves and it struck me how perfect they were for so many decorating projects. From making a branch ladder to use for hanging photos to trimming and using as wall decor, the possibilities are endless. Branches have a natural beauty and it’s a way to bring some nature into your home without having to water and take care of it. Here are a few clever and beautiful ways I found to use branches in your DIY decorating.

Wall Decor

branches art












This photo is from Neiman Marcus and they sold these for $230. They were made of steel with a nickel finish. All you would need to do is trim your branch to the desired shape and then use spray paint it he color you want. I think these are stunning and it’s one of the first projects I’m going to do with my new branches.

Framed Art 













I love how Tracie at Cleverly Inspired spray painted her twigs black and them mounted them in an old frame she picked up at a garage sale. She sprayed the frame a nickel/silver color and with the black twigs attached to the back, it makes a beautiful contrast on a white wall.

Next up are 2 different ways to use branches in your bedroom, and my very favorite branch project.

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