Creative DIY Shelf Ideas

Shelves are an integral part of every¬†home’s decor, whether they are used for display or for storage. Need more storage? Add more shelves. You’re only limited by your imagination in how you use your space.

Creative shelving can make a statement in how they are designed or made to fit the available space. Whether they are stand alone or mounted on something (typically a wall), shelves are one way to upgrade your decorating. Consider changing the materials your shelves are made of, how they are supported, or just the design.

It’s time to get away from the basic one shelf on top of another with nothing pretty or creative about them, and change it up with something that adds pizzazz. To get you started, here are 4 different shelf ideas from Lowe’s that you can make yourself. Each one comes with a list of supplies that you’ll need along with a tutorial. You can find them all at Lowe’s.

Source of images:¬†Lowe’s

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