Cute Mason Jar Winter Village DIY

This DIY project using mason jars is beautiful.  You can make your own winter village however you like.  If you want to display it year round use a city with a distinctive skyline such as NYC, Seattle, Paris, Chicago.  Trace the outline and you have a pattern.  Thanks to Shabby Art Boutique for the great idea.

Township Candle Holder Template

The template I’ve provided below can be used to either cut out a paper surround for your jar using last years instructions for a paper surround…

Or, you can use it to paint the township onto the outside of the jar using the instructions further down in this post.

To save the images, simply click on the template photo below to open at actual size in another window. Right click and save to your own computer.

To resize your template, open the template image in a Word document. Measure your jar to determine the perimeter circumference (outside jar for cut-out and inside jar for painted project) and enlarge the two parts to meet that requirement. Join part A and part B together to make one long template.

Frequently asked questions:

What size and type of jar did you use?

I used Mocona coffee jars in different sizes, because that’s what I had on hand.

You could use any kind of recycled glass jar, vase or even a wine glass. The template can be adjusted to fit.

If you spray the Santa Snow on the outside, won’t it rub off?

Yes it will. I designed these illuminated candle holders to be a feature on a dinner table for one night, however, we have used them multiple times and they still sit in my cupboard waiting to be used again and the snow is still intact.

I designed this project for my own use. It wasn’t my intention to design a project for others to make, so they could post it as a gift or let their children play with it. This is one of those DIY projects that is meant to be looked at and admired.

Note: I’m adding a wire hanger to my township candle holders this year, so I can more easily move them around.


Images from Shabby Art Boutique.

For the full instructions visit Shabby Art Boutique.

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