Cute Reusable Flannel Hand Warmers DIY

These DIY flannel hand warmers are a perfect gift or stocking stuffer this Christmas.  I would usually pull out my glue gun for this kind of project but since these are microwavable the glue won’t hold.  Try adding a drop essential oils to the rice that fills the inside for a soothing scent.  Thanks to Sadie Seasongoods for a neat idea.

I have a confession to make: Once I made my Flannel & Lace Table Runner, I became completely obsessed with plaid and/or flannel projects. I’ll go ahead and apologize now because after a few weeks, you may be rolling your eyes at me.

BUT. Until then…let’s craft with the scraps from said table runner project. As we all know by now, I spent the past summer scavenging my local thrift shops for clearance flannel shirts…and I ended up with a bunch of them!

After I had cut out squares from the back of each shirt, I was left with quite a bit of usable flannel, just not in shirt form. So after tooling around on Pinterest, I fell in love with the idea to make re-usable hand warmers. I knew they’d be an excellent project for my scraps, and I could make a bunch and bring them to an upcoming Fall party.


Images from Sadie Seasongoods.

For the full instructions visit Sadie Seasongoods.

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