Decorate Wine Glasses With Nail Polish

What a fun way to enjoy a glass of wine! And they’re just as fun to make. Just sit back, enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and decorate an empty glass. I love the reds and yellows shown here, but with so many different colors of nail polish available, you can be really creative. Mix two or three contrasting colors and they don’t have to have anything to do with whether you’re drinking red or white. You could have a whole set with each glass painted in different colors. They also make great gifts.

Super easy to make, all you need is at least 2 colors of  nail polish, even if they are similar shades, like red and pink. It gives a little more contrast and visual appeal. You will need pointed Q-tips for this or your dots will be too large. They’re called Precision Tips by Q-tips.

Pour a little of both polish colors into a small styrofoam bowl or plate. Using a pointed Q-tip start on the outside, bottom of your glass and apply small dots.

speckled steps

You can either use each end of the Q-tip for different colors or 1 Q-tip per color. Intermingle the colors and you can even overlap some. Work your way up the glass until you get a little way up the side. Let it dry well and it’s ready to use!

Project and Images Source: I Spy DIY


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