Decorate With Beautiful Hanging Crystals And Lights DIY

I really like the use of crystals and fairy lights in this DIY project.  I had never heard of fairy lights so I had to check them out.  They are a string of lights with tiny little bulbs.  You can use anything as a base so the ladder isn’t necessary.  It is such a beautiful look.  Thank you to What Meegan Makes for the lovely idea.

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day here in Las Vegas.  I know so many of you are still freezing on the East coast today.  So, I thought it would be fun to create a simple way to add ambiance and composition to your home.  How can you do that?  With Ladders, Crystals and Lights, of course!

If you remember, I hung my vintage ladder in time for Christmas decorating.

I have been collecting crystals for awhile now.  I have found them at craft stores, thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity.  Some are vintage REAL crystals, and others are Christmas ornaments and such.  Anything that looks like a crystal, I gravitate to.


Images from What Meegan Makes.

For the full instructions visit What Meegan Makes.

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