[Video] Decoupage a Candle With Dried Flowers

This is a really fun project to do and the result is a beautiful candle that you’ll enjoy so much more than one bought from a store. When you use something you’ve made yourself, there’s an intrinsic value and pleasure that’s derived from it. Not to mention the fun you have making it.

Learning to make new things is truly pleasurable and one I look forward to. So many of the DIY projects and ideas we bring you ones I’ve fallen in love with and want to learn to make. This candle is one of them. I love to burn candles any time of the year, and I think these are gorgeous and a wonderful way to use some of the beautiful flowers around my home.

Either buy cheap plain white (or pastel) candles or use candle scraps you may have. You could also buy candle wax in bulk to use. You’ll need to have collected some flowers and possibly leaves and pressed them so they’re ready to use.

Crafts for Kids has the complete tutorial for making this project.

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