Delicious Baked Tandoori Chicken Kids And Adults Will Love DIY

My family and I are huge fans of Indian food.  I really need to make it more often.  Tandoori chicken is usually baked in a clay oven but this DIY recipe shows how to make it in a regular oven.  Depending on your spice level add as much or as little red pepper to the marinade.  Thanks to A Little Yumminess for the recipe

I made this chicken for a party and as soon as it came out the children gathered around it and devoured it.  Contrary to popular belief the red color in tandoori is not from chillies but from food coloring. You can omit the red food coloring – it does nothing to enhance the taste – just makes it look more like “tandoori”.  I call it “fake-bake” because tandoori chicken is typically made in a clay oven (called tandoor) but I make this in a conventional oven.  The spices are also “dumbed down” to make the dish more palatable for the little tastebuds and you can add even less if you prefer.  This recipe is very kid friendly and an awesome way to introduce ethnic food to kids at home.  Great in wraps for school lunches the next day.


Images from A Little Yumminess.

For the entire recipe visit A Little Yumminess.

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