Delish Homemade Chocolate Syrup, Nutella and Nutella Coffee DIY

Tired of the same kind of coffee drinks?  Try your coffee with some Nutella rather than using various kinds of flavored syrup.  Around My Family Table even provides the recipes to make DIY Nutella and chocolate syrup.  It’s three recipes in one!  Thanks Around My Family Table for making mornings better.

I had you at Nutella, right?  If you like blended coffee drinks at all, this Nutella Blended Coffee Drink is for you!  The other day, I was working hard on decluttering another part of the house and I needed a break.  I took the opportunity, since Little Man was sleeping, to make me this treat and take a short break before he woke up and more chores started screaming my name.



Images from Around My Family Table.

For the recipes visit Around My Family Table.

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