DIY Awesome Outdoor Rug

Rugs truly help pull together your decor, whether indoors or outside on a deck or porch. They add color, texture, and a little softness underfoot. If you look at this picture and try to imagine the outside deck without the rug, there is a huge difference in the welcoming and relaxing appeal.

If you’d like to have some control over the colors used, we suggest doing what Haeley at Design Improvised did. Buy an inexpensive outdoor rug, like this one she bought at Target for about $20, and then use spray paint to transform it. It took about four cans of outdoor spray paint and a roll of 2″ thick masking tape to tape off the sections that were painted, but she ended up with this really nice rug for her deck for under $50. I love the way it looks.

After using it all summer, she noted that it did fade somewhat because it wasn’t under cover. She also recommends rolling it up when not in use, to help the colors stay bright longer. You might want to look at the tips she has for making the project a little easier, after learning some things the hard way.

Image and project instructions: Design Improvised

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