DIY Cool Painted And Lined Rain Boots

This DIY painted and lined rain boot project is very timely for me.  I didn’t pack snow boot for my kids during our Christmas vacation (major mom fail) and was desperate for something.  For some strange reason snow boots are hard to find in the winter.  I ended up buying some ugly and cheap rain boots.  My kids are so excited to design their own boots!  Thanks to Elizabeth Joan Designs for the project.

Have you ever painted rain boots? I have. I’m sure you are wondering what would bring a person to do something so silly, especially since you can buy rain boots in pretty much every color and pattern under the sun. Lucky for you, I’m going to explain.

A week or so ago, my kids were getting their snow gear on to go play outside when we realized that our growing 3 year old no longer fit in his snow boots. That’s not cool. Especially because the weather in the Midwest this time of year is a crap shoot and you never know what kind of shoes/boots you will need from day to day.

So I set out to find some new boots for him. Since the weather will hopefully be warming up soon (fingers crossed), I decided to go the rain boots route. Kid’s grow quickly and snow boots in his current size wouldn’t get much use before his feet grew out of those too. I found a cheap pair at Walmart and brought them home.


Images from Elizabeth Joan Designs.

For the full instructions visit Elizabeth Joan Designs.

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