DIY Cooler Stand For Your Patio

As the weather gets warmer and we start entertaining or just spending time with family outside, this is the perfect way to keep drinks and food cold. Now you don’t have to keep running back indoors to refill someone’s drink, and they can help themselves. Any time you make something that will hold cold beer, it’s sure to be a hit!

The stand holds a 48 quart Igloo cooler, and as you can tell, the lid has been removed and is attached to the hinged top of the stand. The handles were cut off the cooler so that it fits down in the stand snugly. I love the fact that the stand puts the cooler at a perfect height.

Obviously the dimensions will be determined by the size of the cooler used, but for a 48 quart Igloo,13.5″ deep, 13″ high 24″ wide, this is what was used:

legs 2 3/4” x 32×8pcs, each leg is a glue up of two of these, 45 angle with biscuits
Cover: 16 1/2” x 27”

Height: Legs are 32” high, then the height of the cover, 2-3”. 32” is the perfect height for digging for a cold one. Lid is attached with a piano hinge.

Drainage: I spaced all of the base slats 2”, and left 3” on the end with the drain. More than enough to reach under, and pull the plug. I spaced all of the base slats for drainage. Cedar decking was used and I estimate the material cost is $145.00.

Project and image source: Lumberjocks



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