DIY Cute Rock Alphabet Letters

This DIY alphabet letters on rocks has many uses.  They could be used to help children learn to spell on the floor or table.  If you glue magnets on the back they can be used on the refrigerator or a magnetic board.  Use them to spell out love notes.  This would make for a great teacher’s gift.  Thanks to Thrive 360 Living for the idea.

Alphabet Rocks – Heat Embossed

 If you didn’t already know, we love the alphabet at our house and have an entire wall dedicated to it. Since my 2 year old son loves letters, I wanted to make him some alphabet rocks to practice his ABC’s. In the process I realized there is a lot you can do with rocks and a little imagination. While most people tend to paint their rocks with acrylic paint (like the number rocks I made), I decided to try something a little bit different by using stamps and heat embossing.
On the front of each rock I did uppercase letters and on the back I did lowercase letters.

DSC_0107 2

Images from Thrive 360 Living.

For the full instructions Thrive 360 Living.

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