DIY Fast and Easy Wall Stencil

Stenciling is a great way to decorate almost anything from walls to furniture. Most people don’t stencil an entire wall because it’s so time consuming, so they will usually just stencil a border or a small area. But what if you could do an entire wall quickly and easily?

Doing a pattern like this on a wall transforms it instantly and is a great addition to your home decorating. Sarah Lemp from All Things With Purpose figured out how to make this pattern on her wall using a piece of cardboard cut into a circle and a paint pen. Without taking the time to measure or draw everything out first, it only took her one hour to do a whole wall.

I think it looks awesome and is a fast, easy way to decorate any wall. Sarah shows exactly what she did so you can duplicate it with no problem. You’ll find her instructions at All Things With Purpose.



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