DIY Gorgeous Anthropology Earrings

These earrings look like a blast to make and cool to wear.  I like Anthropology but I like making my own things better.  These DIY Anthropology earrings are a great idea for presents.  I definitely am thinking about Christmas these days.  Thanks My Girlish Whims for this great idea.

I’m doing my very first Anthro knock off today! I decided to do what I know best: jewelry!
I found these earrings online for $38 dollars. Sheesha! 38 bucks for just a couple pieces of wire??
I had everything I needed to make them lying around. And you can too! Here’s how!
 -Wire: I used 16 gauge and 20 gauge.
-Jump rings
-Small silver seed beads
-Earring Hooks
-Needle Nose Pliers
-Round Nose Pliers
-Wire Cutters
– Metal Hole Punch Pliers
-Chasing Hammer
-Flat Anvil Jewelers Tool
This project requires some wire work, but don’t be scared! It’s really very doable. The most intense tools you will need are the hammer, hole punch, and anvil. I linked up to Amazon for very affordable versions of all of these tools. If you are really interested in jewelry making, these tools will take your work to the next level!! wire work. Believe me, it’s addicting!
Step 1: Cut out various size pieces of 16 gauge wire . Mine ranged from about half an inch to two inches.

Step 2: Use the largest side of your chasing hammer to flatten out the piece of wire on an anvil. Watch out for your finger on the small pieces! You can use tape to hold the wire in place if you would like.

This pictures shows the process of texturing the wire. The first one is the original piece of wire. The second I hammered using the largest side of the chasing hammer. The third I textured with the smaller side of the chasing hammer.


Images from My Girlish Whims.

For full details visit My Girlish Whims.

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