DIY Gorgeous Stone Mailbox Makeover

This DIY stone mailbox project is a great way to update your landscaping by starting at the curb.  In the instructions Beneath My Heart replaces the post but you can save time, money and energy by leaving the old one.  The cast stone mailbox kit slides right over the top.  How cool is that?  Thanks Beneath My Heart.

We moved into our house almost two years ago, and we inherited this sad, sad little mailbox when we did.

The red flag was broken and the numbers were barely hanging on.  And the mailbox was connected to the wood post with one little screw so it would flip sideways when the wind was blowing real hard.  Smile

About 6 months after we moved into our home, our sweet little neighbor girl down the street, Ana, asked me, “Are you gonna get a new mailbox?”

I had to laugh.  Even a child knew it was time for a mailbox makeover.

Well Ana, it’s a year later, but we are gonna finally get a new mailbox!


We had originally planned to build a brick mailbox, but when we saw this gray cast stone mailbox kit at Lowe’s online, we knew we wanted it.

We ordered it online, and it was in the store, ready to be picked up, in just two days!  That’s quick!

It was so easy to install and took us less than a few hours.

Here’s what we did:

We dug a new hole in the ground 18 inches deep and inserted a 4×4 post in the hole.

Next, we filled the hole with QuickCrete from Lowe’s.

All we had to do was pour water on top of the Quickcrete and let it sit for about an hour to harden.

But be sure to check and make sure it is level before you let it harden.

Take a break and go eat some chocolate or get a coke from McDonald’s while the Quickcrete is setting.

Then come back and slide the cast stone post over top of the 4×4 wood post.


Images from Beneath My Heart.

For full instructions visit Beneath My Heart.

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