DIY Hanging Pallet Planter

Spring is almost here and we’ll soon be seeing all the pretty spring baskets of flowers. What better way display them than this hanging wood planter! You can make it using wood from old pallets if you have them or you can just use any wooden boards. It’s a good project to use up  your scrap wood. Chain, cord or rope could be used to hang it, or just set the finished planter on a railing or step. It’s an easy project, and it doesn’t require any advanced woodworking ability. I want 3 of these hanging across the front of my porch so I’ll have to get busy.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • 4 – 2×2 pieces 6 inches long for the side posts
  • 8 – 1×3 pieces 8 inches long for the side panels
  • 1 – 1×6 piece 1o inches long for the bottom (this doesn’t have to be exact – you can use whatever scrap wood you have on hand to make the bottom)
  • Metal chain and eye screws
  • Kreg screws 1 inch and 1.25 inches
  • Wood Glue
  • Kreg jig

I made my planter to fit the plants I had on hand.  You can adjust the size to fit your plant.

Begin by assembling the side panels with two pocket holes (I show you how to use the Kreg Jig here).  Set the depth of the jig to match with thickness of your pallet wood.  My pieces were 1×3 (which is really .75 inches thick) so I set the depth to 0.75 inches.  Use 2 – 1.25 inch screws to connect the sides.  Drill pocket holes one both sides of each side panel for attaching to 2×2 posts later.

Next, attach the four posts to 2 of the side panels as shown.  I made the posts by cutting 2×4 to 6 inch pieces, then ripping those in half, all with my mitre saw.

Attach the bottom piece to the remaining 2 side panels with 2 pocket holes in each end.  Knowing what size kreg screw to use can be a process of elimination, but a general way to gauge pretty closely is to add the widths of the two pieces you are attaching and subtracting 0.25 from that to get your screw length.  So in this case 0.75 for the bottom piece + 0.75 for the side panel thickness – 0.25 equals 1.25 inch screws.

Finish the planter using the side panel pocket holes you drilled for the side post to attach the three pieces you assembled.

Add eye screws into the 4 posts for chain and enjoy!

You can see the whole project, along with pictures of each step at SavedByLoveCreations. They did an awesome job of it.

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