DIY Harry Potter Inspired Floating Candles For Halloween

Time to bring out those paper towel and toilet paper rolls that you have been saving for a project (or in our case, a hamster).  I’m really excited to hang these from my covered front porch.  It’s such a unique idea that house will stand out in the neighborhood.  Thanks to Crafts Unleashed for this fun project.

There are two reasons I’m featuring yet another Halloween project (previous one being the Animal Eyes Wreath from a week ago) when it’s only the first week in September. One, because like most of you, I’m absolutely crazy about all things surrounding Autumn and Halloween! Two, because you’re going to need plenty of time to dumpster dive stockpile enough tubes to make your own Hanging Halloween Candles.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done! Toilet paper tubes, while plentiful, are too short. Paper towel tubes will work fairly well but are a little too wide. I ended up using a combination of paper towel and wrapping paper tubes, my favorite being an unusually thin wrapping paper tube that the candles fit perfectly in. Don’t sweat it too much, either way they’ll all come out looking great in the end!

Supplies needed to make your own floating Halloween candles:


Images from Crafts Unleashed.

For full instructions visit Crafts Unleashed.

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