DIY Hilarious Toilet Paper Holder Tree

I don’t know why but I found this DIY toilet paper holder tree pretty funny.  A little humorous decorating in your home will make people giggle or wonder if your a bit off your rocker.  I think it’s whimsical and clever.  Just make sure you keep a supply of TP handy.  Thanks to The Summery Umbrella for the smile.

Well, hello there honey bunny! I just wanted to thank you so much for visiting the blog today. You are just as sweet as pie!

Ahem. Yes, I am most definitely practicing my Southern accent out loud as I am typing this post. It’s coming along.

Well, kind of.

It’s like this cross between a French accent ( I tooka-da-en-francais in high school–no, I was not very successful at it!), and then add in my Midwestern/Chicago-style accent that is surely fading away.

Let me tell you… I am thoroughly amusing myself right now.  😉


Images from The Summery Umbrella.

For the full instructions visit The Summery Umbrella.


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