DIY Keep Track Of Small Metal Pieces During A Project With This Clever Magnetic Wrist Band

Whether it be sewing or woodworking this DIY magnetic wrist band is a fantastic idea.  I have a wrist pin cushion but I tend to poke through it and prick myself.  This band will eliminate that problem.  It’s also great for nails, screws and small metal parts in your wood shop.  You don’t sew?  Use fabric glue.  You can also make it bling free.  Thanks to My Altered State for the great skin saver.

DIY Magnetic Wristband

Necessity can be cruel.

She can make you do things that you had never imagined yourself doing.

Things that will call into question your strength of character, your endurance, and your will to survive.

Yes my friends, she can make you sew.


With a sewing machine.

(More on that in a bit.)

First, let me tell you about screws and nails.

When you’re creating something, there is a moment when you have wood right where you want it.

You balance, prop, stand on one foot, and then turn to grab a nail…

…or a screw.  Guess what?  That’s right, it’s barely out of reach.

(Mom, I totally stopped using my teeth for holding screws, or opening packages. :)

This frustration might be shared by others, like people who make jewelry, or people who are real sewing machine users…

These people work with small metal parts too.

Enter that handy wristband you may have seen at hardware stores.

I thought one of those would be the solution for my loose screws.

Only- have you actually SEEN those wristbands at hardware stores?

They are huge.  (At least the one’s that I’ve seen.)

Even the “pink” ones (I’m guessing they are intended for humans of the female variety..) are bulky.

So I wasn’t really excited about the prospects.

Besides, I might actually end up wearing it all day (because I work all day) and I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t  bulky, or pink.

So that meant only one thing.

I’d have to attempt a DIY magnetic wristband.


Images from My Altered State.

For the full instructions visit My Altered State.

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