DIY Large Wall Art on a Budget

When you need art to fill a large space, you’re usually looking at a big chunk coming out of your wallet. There are ways, however, to make your own art that is quite beautiful and costs much less than buying it ready-made. Plus, it’s so much more satisfying when you look at it and know that you made it yourself!

Big art pieces are usually bold but don’t let that scare you. Here are three designs that are easy to make, affordable and will make a dramatic statement in your home.

Hanging String Art

yarn art










This one is the easiest to make and it doesn’t take much. Decide how long you want the piece to be for the space it will occupy and what colors you want to incorporate. Buy yarn in varying weights to give some texture to the piece and you’re ready to measure and cut.

This piece uses only 6 colors, which is probably a good number. You can color block to get the effect you want but any more than that and it will start to look like a rainbow. Cut a few pieces and then lay them out to see how you want the pattern to look.

Here you can see how striking it is above a fireplace, and it adds color and texture to the wall.

yarn art 2











For complete instructions, including how to measure your yarn and cut the angle, go to Two Thirty-Five Designs.

Project and Image Source: Two Thirty-Five Designs

On the next page you’ll see how to make very large color field art that is eye-popping.

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