DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

These jars are adorable and fairly inexpensive to make. They have a unique look because they’re not like every other soap dispense out there and they will make a practical addition to your home. They also make great gifts when you are stumped for what to give someone for Christmas. You can spray paint the lid to the jar to match your color scheme.

Liz at Love Grows Wild made a couple of these and she used two different techniques. She made the first jar using a method shown by Heather Bullard and the second jar using a little different method that she learned from Jen at Team Bowen.  Here’s a jar made by Jen and as you can see, she doesn’t spray paint her lid. I like the way it looks with a silver-tone pump. soappump

Liz gives her feedback as to which method she thought was the best and easiest way to make a mason jar soap dispenser, and it’s pretty interesting. You can read about it on her blog Love Grows Wild.

Image Sources:  Love Grows WildTeam Bowen

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