DIY Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

This is the perfect little outdoor BBQ with a kitchen for a DIYer to make. Kitchen is used loosely because the only cooking surface is the BBQ grill but it comes with a cutting board or counter space and a sink for clean up. You don’t need much more kitchen than that! And the great thing is you can make this out of wood instead of having to shell out big bucks for a stainless steelĀ unit.

For not much money but some manual labor, you can have your own portable outdoor kitchen. I recommend putting large wheels on all 4 legs, which will make it a good bit easier to move it when you need to.

This project is good inspiration if you’ve been thinking of building your own small outdoor kitchen. Take a look at what molarin at Instructables used to build his with and how he did it. He bought a new grill to install but you could use one you already have and plan around it.




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