DIY Pallet Coffee Table, Top Lifts for Storage

Most of us can use more storage space so why not have your coffee table double as a table and as a storage area? Usually the space under a table is wasted so this coffee table made from pallets is the perfect answer. The top slides over and then lifts up, with a large hidden compartment underneath because you can’t see what’s under it when the table is closed. The enclosed space is quite large. It’s built with heavy-duty casters so it rolls easily.

coffee table

Another nice feature is that along the sides you have little shelves and compartments to put things, either for decoration or for ease of access, like your tv remote. If you want your table to have a rustic look, use old pallets. New pallets obviously will make your table look new, or you can paint to match your color scheme or stain so that marks don’t show as easily.

If you’re handy building things then you may be able to make your own from looking at these pictures. If you’d like the instructions go to The table was entered into a Woodworker contest by Dirk Deus, who built it.

Here’s a video by someone who built a table using Dirk’s idea, and he posted this to show his finished project. He had his table top lift a little differently.

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