DIY Perfect Pop Tarts For Breakfast

I love Pop Tarts and so do my kids but the store bought type is full of “stuff”.  With this DIY Pop Tart recipe you know exactly what you are eating.  You can put anything inside this crust to make it delicious, like mini pies.  Store bought pie crust is an option to save on time.  Thanks to Cooking Classy for the treat.

Once you try these delicious homemade pop tarts you’ll never look at store bought pop tarts the same! I haven’t really cared for the store bought ones since I was probably 10 years old but my husband and kids still love them. I decided to show those up and make a homemade version just so my husband could see how blah the other ones are. These things melt in your mouth! Yes they are a bit of work just for a breakfast pastry but they are totally worth it once you get to sink your teeth into one. If you wanted to do semi-homemade you could use a store-bought pie crust but I think that kind of defeats the purpose of making them homemade.

For the jam I decided to use Smuckers Low Sugar Strawberry preserves and I thought it was perfect because you could actually taste the strawberry and not just sugar or an artificial sweetener (not a sponsored statement, just liked the jam.


Images from Cooking Classy.

For the full recipe visit Cooking Classy.








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