DIY Pomegranate Ginger Sorbet That’s Fabulous

This pomegranate ginger sorbet sounds refreshing and fantastic for fall.  The recipe contains St. Germain elder flower liquor (my favorite) but is just as tasty without it.  Pomegranate and ginger sounds like a great combination.  This will be a hit at your next gathering.  Thanks to Blogging Over Thyme for this yummy treat.

Happy Friday!  I made you guys some sorbet.  There’s some booze in there too.  I figure at this point in the week, we kinda deserve it.  Don’t you?

This sorbet is incredibly easy to make.  Ridiculously simple, in fact.  All you need is 100% pomegranate juice and sugar.  You could certainly stop there and make a regular, normal pomegranate sorbet, but I decided to make it a bit extra special and add a couple other ingredients.

It takes it from good sorbet to “woh…what’s in the that?” sorbet.  Much better, right?

In this case, those extra ingredients include fresh ginger and St. Germain elder flower liqueur.

The ginger adds just the right amount of of zing to every spoonful–and the elder flower liqueur helps cut the sweetness and adds a slightly floral note, without being totally over the top.  For those not into booze, I promise, it doesn’t make the end result boozy in the slightest.  And they work so well together!

Obviously, a lot of us don’t need an excuse to add booze to sorbet.  But if you want to get technical (and have an additional excuse), it also has the added bonus of helping keep the sorbet smoother and softer once frozen, since alcohol itself does not freeze.  This avoids the whole icy, impossible to scoop sorbet that we’ve all known and experienced.

Technically, since most of us are lucky enough to have access to pomegranate juice year-round–you could totally make this sorbet at any time of the year.  Summer, fall, spring, winter.  It is totally doable.

But,  that’s sort of the equivalent of making a pumpkin pie smack dab in the middle of July.  Sure, you technically could.  We all have that hoarded can of pumpkin in the back our pantry at all times of the year.  But it’s just not right.  Don’t do it!

Once actual whole pomegranates arrive in the store (i.e. NOW!), then you can go ahead and bust out the pomegranate juice.

Plus, what’s the fun in making pomegranate sorbet if you don’t have fresh pomegranate arils to garnish it with?  Prettiest.fruit.ever.


Images from Blogger Over Thyme.

For the full recipe visit Blogger Over Thyme.

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