DIY Pottery Barn Inspired New York Map Wall Art

It’s amazing what you can do with a pallet, some Modge Podge, and paper.  What a great hack idea for this Pottery Barn DIY map wall art.  Of course, you can use any map you would like and color would be nice, too.  You can also get wood pieces at the lumber store.  Make it work for you.  Thanks to Scavenger Chic for the idea.

I am always on the lookout for my next big project  and I am not ashamed to tell you that I often steal my ideas from the millions of ideas floating out there on the internet. It may not be direct theft, but I do hunt for inspiration and then I try to either put my own spin on a project or try to figure out how I could achieve a similar result without the benefit of a diy. Such was the case with this cool, oversized map from Pottery Barn.

I love Pottery Barn, and I really love when they feature a project that features pallet wood.  I could make that!

OK, they probably didn’t use pallet wood, but they could have. This planked Manhattan sign (also available for Chicago) is a true statement piece. It measures 8 feet long and 2 feet high! I just need to find myself a map.

Finding a map with high enough pixels is a challenge unto itself.  There are tons of vintage maps out there but blowing a map up to 8 feet would reduce most of them to just dots.

To narrow down your search, Google “Vintage (insert random city name here)map”.  Use the “Images” button and the “Search Tool” button.  Under search tool, press “Size” and “Larger than”.  You’ll want the best map with the most pixels.

This New York map is from 1855. Harlem is spelled Haerlem, and Manhatten, is Manhattenville. The Hudson River is also known as the North River.  Central Park has not been created yet.

You can find this map at Wikimedia Commons here.  Download the file with the most pixels. This map is an amazing 7000 x 4217 pixels. You can even read this map when enlarged to 8 feet long, it really is that big.


Images from Scavenger Chic.

For the full instructions visit Scavenger Chic.

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