DIY Reusable Cozy For Your Coffee From The Cafe

Whether you call it a cozy, koozie or sleeve or you take your coffee black, with cream or with sugar here’s a project for you.  Dare to go green and stylish at the same time with a DIY coffee cozy.  So dig out your fabric to plan a fun and very useful cozy.  Practically Functional has created a life changing product!  Check it out.

Ever wanted to dress up your coffee cup a little bit? I made an adorable felt coffee cozy and it’s the perfect accessory! Plus it’s much more eco-friendly since you can reuse it time and time again!

Goodbye boring brown cardboard, and hello fun colors, felt, elastic, and BUTTONS!!!


Featured image from Practically Functional.

Second image from lisaclark.

For full instructions go to Practically Functional.

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