DIY Rustic Scandanavian Yarn Ornaments For The Holidays And Beyond

Some ornaments deserve to be displayed year round instead of only during the holiday season.  It would be a great addition to your home decor.  This DIY yarn ornament project uses the shape of a star but any shape will do.  If you crochet or knit you can use the glue method to make the ornaments rigid.  This project is easy but a tad bit messy which I personally enjoy!  Thanks to DIY Network for the idea.

Table of Contents

  1.   Introduction

  2. Step 1: Make a Template

  3. Step 2: Cover with Wax Paper

  4. Step 3: Assemble a Toothpick Loom

  5. Step 4: Get the Glue

  6. Step 5: Add Yarn

  7. Step 6: Attach Yarn to Toothpick

  8. Step 7: Thread Star Outline

  9. Step 8: Create Star Center

  10. Step 9: Snip Yarn End and Let Dry

  11. Step 10: Carefully Remove


Images from DIY Network.

For the full instructions visit DIY Network.

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