DIY Small Crate Pet Bed

Wooden crates are useful for many types of DIY projects, and for very little money. They can be purchased at Michael’s and if you watch for a coupon, it’s possible to pick one up for as little as $8. This project, because the crate isn’t very large, is either for a cat or a small dog. I have both so it’ll be interesting to see which one claims it! You could join several crates together and by cutting out the sides, make a longer bed for a larger dog.

If you want to add feet to the bottom, look for either small wooden candle holders or small furniture feet. Candle holders turned upside down were used for this bed and their size suited it perfectly.

crate from Michaels-

Supplies needed:

  • Wooden crate
  • 4 “feet”
  • Wood glue
  • Wood stain

Image source and complete instructions are on Meet the B’s.

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