DIY Sweet Penguin Ornament From A Light Bulb

This DIY penguin ornament is adorable!  I searched for different variations on this project and this one from Crafts By Amanda is my favorite.  We definitely have some burnt out light bulbs that need to be changed.  Now I have the perfect ornament project for my kids to make this year.  Thanks to Crafts By Amanda for the cute idea.

As promised, I will be sharing the different light bulb ornaments I have made. This penguin, along with the angel, is one of my favorites. I made him in December of 2000 and he’s still hanging in there. Just hung him on my tree yesterday in fact! This is probably one of the easiest ones to make, just involves some simple painting and a few small embellishments. But isn’t he just darling with only a little fuss?? 🙂

Light Bulb Penguin

You will need

burnt out light bulb
rubbing alcohol
acrylic paint in white and black
gold cord or ribbon
orange toothpick
shiny gold ribbon
gold chenille twist tie
finger from a child’s glove
white iridescent pom pom
Fiberfil cotton batting
hot glue
black marker

Picture 16

Images from Crafts By Amanda.

For the full instructions visit Crafts By Amanda.

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