DIY Tall Wooden Storage Tower

One can never have too much storage space, especially in the garage, which is where this shelving unit was designed for. The spacing between a few of the shelves is tall enough for big storage tubs to fit into, and it’s tall – 8 feet tall. Vertical storage takes up less room than spreading out horizontally, and with this tower, items that you don’t need to access often go up high where they’re out of the way. Built of wood, they are much sturdier than comparable plastic or wire ones that are available.

This would be ideal storage inside the house as well, though you will probably have to come down a bit on the height. Painting the shelving unit and putting it in a corner would dramatically increase your space, especially in a child’s room. This way most of their belongings are where they can easily see them.

I’m sure you can think of myriad uses for a narrow, tall shelving unit like this, and each will cost around $50 f0r all the supplies. Katie and Jeremy Bower of Bowerpower built this after seeing one like it at Ikea. To see exactly how they did it, go to Bowerpower.




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