DIY Use Jean Pockets For An Awesome Organizer

With five people in our house we have a lot of outgrown and old jeans.  I love a great upcycle project like this DIY jean pocket organizer.  The design uses the back pockets as well as the front pockets.  Different sized jeans will have different sized pockets which can be useful.  Try colored jeans to mix it up.  Thanks to Pillar Box Blue for the neat idea.

Upcycle old jeans into a great pocket organiser

I keep all the family’s old jeans to upcycle into other things, such as a sunglasses case, magazine racks and quilts. I just love working with old denim, I love the different shades of indigo and the different styles. One of my upcycled jeans projects that really shows off the varieties of denim styling is this pocket organiser I made for my sons room. To complement the rustic upcycled look of this organiser I used a wooden branch to hang it with.

What you need to make a pocket organiser

Lots of old jeans
Sewing machine, with needle suitable for denim
Wooden branch, or stick.

How I made the pocket organiser

1.Cut out the pockets from your jeans, don’t forget to allow for a seam edge of approx. 1cm. For this organiser I used 16 pockets, front and back

2.Lay out your pockets in 4 rows of 4, rearrange until you are happy with the design. Jeans pockets come in various shapes and sizes, don’t worry about your arrangement being a neat rectangle, you will be able to straighten up the edges later when you add a waist band border. Personally I love the irregularities of the pockets.

3.Once you are happy with your design. Pin the pockets next to each other right sides together in each row leaving a seam of about 1cm. Then using a sewing machine with a needle suitable for heavy denim work sew these pockets together. You should now have 4 rows of sewn pockets.


Images from Pillar Box Blue.

For the full instructions visit Pillar Box Blue.





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