Do Your Own Etched Glass Perfectly

When you’re stuck for a good gift idea, etched glass is always a good choice, and it’s quite simple to do. Sure you could do it the hard way and literally etch the glass, but now there is etching cream that does the job for you. Some great idea for gifts include etching wine glasses, glass storage jars, drinking glasses, vases, and anything glass that’s unique.

The hardest part is deciding what to etch, and then what design to use. There are many options from buying designs that are specifically made for etching, stencils, stickers, even paper with holes already in it. Although the process itself is simple enough, there are some tips to help ensure that your piece comes out right. It’s also a good idea to practice first with a glass jar that you don’t mind throwing away.

There are instructions available on Martha Stewart, but the details are sparse. One of the best tutorials I’ve seen is from Monica on The Yummy Life. She shares the mistakes she made, and what she’s learned so that her etched glass now comes out perfect every time.

Project source and tutorial: The Yummy Life

Image sources: The Yummy Life, Cecelia Bardy-Gagner, Martha Stewart, The Pinning Mama, Realcoake.

Here’s a great tutorial video:



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