Dried Pineapple Flowers From A Real Pineapple! – DIY

I love using actual food for a dessert decoration.  The DIY dried pineapple flowers will give your cake some life.  They can be used in a centerpiece for your table or scattered on top.  It will make your house smell like an island.  Thanks to Annie’s Eats for posting this idea.  Who’s ready to bake a cake?

Dried pineapple flowers are a unique and eye-catching garnish that can take your cake or cupcakes up a notch.  When I first saw them I thought they must be difficult to make but in reality, they couldn’t be much easier.  Essentially all you do is slice pineapple very thin and bake slowly at a low heat to dry them out.  Check it out!117783126_6eb4f8c68e_o

Images provided by Elaine Ashton.

To see the full instruction go to Annie’s Eats.

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