Fabulous DIY Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the store I go…to buy the ingredients for this dessert.  I like how this DIY pumpkin chocolate chip bar recipe is for a roll but changed to make bars which is so much easier to make.  Less fuss and mess.  Thanks AKM Designs and Delights for this yummy recipe.

Now I ask you…Why would I ever buy baked goods when I can make my own???
It’s because I am afraid of the Pumpkin Roll…seriously.
It might be some type of actual phobia…
Like maybe pumkinrollaphobia?
And no…I’m not afraid of the actual pumpkin roll…just the making of it.
The “rolling” of it to be exact.
I’m always afraid that I’ll make this awesome pumpkin cake…spread out some seriously yummy cream cheese filling…go to roll it up
Only to have it turn into a huge, crumbly mess.
Sure I could turn that mess into truffles…
But who needs that kind of stress?
So I usually just buy them their coveted pumpkin roll and justify it as “helping out the school”.
But not this year!
This year I found a loop hole to the pumpkin roll.
Oh yea I did!
I turned them into bars!
It’s ok to thank me.
I graciously accept.
These bars are every bit as decadent as the Pumpkin Roll itself.
But with chocolate chips!
Cause thats how I roll
CC Swirl
For full recipe visit AKM Designs and Delights.

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