Fantastic Cocoa Sugar Sprinkled Nutella Muffins To Fill Those Bellies DIY

I don’t know about you but my kids eat so much Nutella that I should buy stock in the company.  This DIY muffin recipe with Nutella will make your family go, well…nuts.  It’s a nice comfort food to have on a chilly morning.  Try peanut butter instead of Nutella for a different taste.  Thanks to Amanda’s Cookin’ for the yummy breakfast treat.

Muffins with Nutella filling, doesn’t that sound fabulous? Well they are. In fact, when I told the boys that I had muffins with Nutella hidden inside, they dove on them. Each teenager ate 3 in one sitting. Needless to say these didn’t last very long!

I originally pinned this recipe to my Pinterest breakfast board. it’s from Damn Delicious. I made her recipe originally, see the photo above, which was very good. However, I think I messed up when I measured the sugar because the muffin itself was bland. Again, I’m pretty sure I mis-measured, but not completely positive.

I also experimented with more Nutella. The additional Nutella was great, but the weight of a heaping teaspoon compared to a regular teaspoon made the Nutella sink down toward the bottom of the muffin. You can see that in these pictures.




Images from Amanda’s Cookin’.

For the full recipe visit Amanda’s Cookin’.

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