Fresh Snow? Make Awesome Hawaiian Shave Ice DIY

Nothing makes me crave Hawaii more than a tasty shave ice (not shaved ice).  The best way is to have a DIY shave ice is with ice cream on the bottom.  Many of us have had a ton of snow lately so make good use of it!  Thanks to A Little Yumminess for the recipe that brings back great memories.

I certainly wouldn’t call a shave ice maker a kitchen essential, but it sure is fun…. and it’s loads cheaper than a trip to Hawaii. We recently purchased  this cheapie Hawaiian Shave Ice brand shave ice maker and finally got to to trying it out this week. I’m sure the more deluxe models out there have their advantages, but we were quite happy with the results this one produced. The ice was fluffy and machine was quick and easy to use — even my 5 year old was able to operate it (but there are sharp bits inside the machine, so supervision is key). I will admit to enjoying the intensely hued, artificial syrup versions from the shave ice shops in Hawaii, but for our own experiment we tried using more healthful pureed fruit, sweetened up with  simple syrup and a little lilikoi jam we brought back from Hawaii. Our combination of raspberry and pineapple/lilikoi was spot on  — fantastically bright and sweet enough to pass for the “real” thing. With our maiden voyage of DIY shave ice under our belts, our minds are going wild with visions of “shave ice innovations” in our future.


Images from A Little Yumminess.

For the full recipe visit A Little Yumminess.

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