Get More Iron In Your Diet With This Delicious Gingerbread Smoothie For Fall DIY

If you are low on iron this is the smoothie for you.  This DIY smoothie is perfect for fall because it contains molasses and tastes like gingerbread.  I think I found a new way to begin my morning.  Maybe Santa will get a gingerbread smoothies instead of cookies this year.  Thanks Oh She Glows for a different kind of smoothie.

Before I became a vegan, I never really put much thought into getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. When I was struggling with an eating disorder, I would restrict my calories to an unhealthy level, exercise intensely 7 days a week, and eat mostly processed ‘fat-free’ foods. When my body couldn’t take the starvation any longer, I binged on sugary processed junk food, often consuming 2,000-2,500 calories in a single sitting. Round and round the emotional rollercoaster went for years.

Not surprisingly, aside from being miserable, I also suffered from vitamin deficiencies, including low iron levels. Deep down I was concerned that I was harming my body, but I was so caught in the disorder I didn’t feel like I could change. I also felt like being a certain size or weight was much more important than being healthy.

Boy, how things can change.

Slowly but surely I turned a new page in my life, by renewing my focus on my health and decreasing my focus on my weight. I took all that negative energy and flipped it into something positive.

These days I don’t care much about calories, but I do care about eating quality food and getting proper nutrients.

Images from Oh She Glows.
For full recipe visit Oh She Glows.

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