Hanging Mason Jar Herb Planters

Mason jars make wonderful planters for any kind of plant and now is a perfect time to plant a little garden. Fresh herbs are always nice to have on hand in the kitchen while cooking so why not plant the herbs you use the most?

One reason these jars look so pretty is because they’ve been tinted blue and green, and they’re hanging against a white cabinet, so the colors pop. If you want to tint your jars, look at this post.

Look for a place where you can hang your jars so that you’re not using counter space, preferably where they can get some sunlight. You can rotate them outdoors if necessary. When planted in jars like this, they don’t need much water. Typically you will water lightly every few days, being sure to drain themĀ as much as you can.

hanging mason jar herb planter- DIYscoop.com

All you have to do is tie some wire around the top of the jar and then hang them from your hanger. Putting them on the side of the cabinets like this keeps them out of your way while keeping them accessible and easily seen.

Image source: Domestically Speaking





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