Hanging Mason Jar Lights

These lights are shown as outside entry lights, but they can also be used on a screened porch or even indoors. In fact, Robin at All Things Heart and Home not only made these, but she also made similar ball lights for her back porch using string lights. She called it an outdoor chandelier! I like the chandelier idea so well that I’m going to make one for my living room to leave on at night instead of a night light.

Both projects using string lighting and since they are similar, I’m including them both here.

Hanging Mason Jar Lights

hanging mason jar lights- DIYscoop.com

Burlap was used in different lengths to hang the jars so they weren’t all the same height. It also added a different color and texture to offset the white light.

Image source and project instructions by Robin can be seen at All Things Heart and Home.

Hanging Twinkle Globe Lights


hanging twinkle lights- DIYscoop.com

These are small grapevine galls with twinkle lights inside them.

grapevine ball lighting- DIYscoop.com

Image source and project tutorial: All Things Heart and Home.

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