Have A White Christmas With Beautiful Faux Snow DIY

You don’t need nature to give you a white Christmas.  This DIY project is a recipe for fake snow.  You can make the snow more dry to dust on a project or wet to make a snowman.  What a great way to get snow if you head south for the holidays.  Thanks to Creative Home for the cool project.

I love that here in Indiana we regularly get snow during the winter time!  It is so much fun and my children love to play in it!  But we also get really bitter cold weather so often we have snow, but it is too cold for the kids to go and play.  I will bundle them up and let them play outside as often as they can.  But when negative temperatures hit, we all bundle up and stay inside as much as possible!  And since we have been having negative degree weather here I thought it would be really fun to bring the outdoors inside and create a little DIY Fake Snow to play with while staying nice and warm! Here is how to make fake snow.


Images from Creative Home.

For the full instructions visit Creative Home.

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