Heavenly Lemon Ricotta And Blueberry Overnight Pancake Casserole DIY

I’m salivating over this recipe idea.  Lemon and blueberry are a couple of my favorite flavors so this DIY overnight pancake casserole will be gone in seconds.  The streusel on top completes the entire casserole.  This will be a home run in my house.  Thanks to French Press for the delicious breakfast recipe.

pancake casserole

it’s totally a thing

and this lemon-ricotta overnight pancake casserole with blueberries would make an excellent addition to your Easter brunch table

It’s fair to say that I am a pancake enthusiast.

Luckily, the kids join me in my love of pancakes, so I can make them all I want with not a complaint to be heard.

Classic buttermilk pancakes make a delicious breakfast any day of the week. We cannot get enough chicken and pancakes for a fun breakfast for dinner option, and thin mint pancakes are pretty much delicious any time of day or night.

But without a doubt, my favorite way to do pancakes is in a casserole.

Pancake casseroles are perfect for holiday weekends because all the work is done the night before. In the morning you just make the streusel topping and pop it in the oven.

Breakfast or brunch entertaining made easy.


Images from French Press.

For the entire recipe visit French Press.

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